Are you holding onto unnecessary rocks in your life?

Rocks.... I've used this analogy a couple of times with clients this week and it seemed to make a lot of sense to them so I wanted to share my analogy with all of you in hopes it will "lighten" your load this week!

We all have thoughts and beliefs about everything that happens around us. We have thoughts about what people wear, the color of their hair, what they drive, the temperature outside, the amount of money in our bank account, the number on the scale.... The list is endless.

I like to think of each of our thoughts and beliefs as a rock. Some rocks are shiny and pretty, some are small and light and others are rough and heavy. We collect rocks as we experience life. As we mature and grow, we realize that some rocks are no longer needed and we take them out of our backpack, put them on the side of the road and continue on. An example of this is believing in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy. Those beliefs served us really well and were even fun while we were growing up but once we hit a certain age.... we took that rock out of our backpack and kept on going.

As we travel down the road, we meet people and we offer/share our rocks with them. Sometimes they are excited to receive this rock from us and sometimes they want nothing to do with our rock. It's not a big deal. Sometimes.... people offer us rocks as well! We can examine the rock and see if we want to add it to our collection or tell them "No thank you" and just keep walking. Either way, it's okay! Remember they are just rocks!

What if we really believed that thoughts are just like rocks!!! Totally optional to carry around and we could keep only the ones we really like and that were beneficial to us. We could throw away the ones that we didn't like and no longer served us. AND.... we were VERY selective about putting any new rocks into our backpack??? I have good news for you.... YOU CAN!

You are always in charge of your thoughts and you don't have to let others' thoughts jump into your backpack without your permission. You control the zipper to your backpack!

Here is my challenge for you this week, when you brain offers your a thought that isn't useful or kind, or somebody offers you a thought or belief that doesn't serve you in a positive way... stop and think, "Do I want to carry this around? Do I like this thought enough to add it to what I already carry around? Will this help me achieve my goals? Does this thought bring happiness into my day?" If the answer is no.... drop that rock and walk away!

Not sure where to start? I can help you with this! This is where I start with each of my clients. Awareness! Schedule your free mini session today! If you know someone you think would benefit from my Monday Motivation, please forward this on to them! Sharing is caring!

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