Decluttering before the holidays - Part 2!!

Last week we talked about the first 5 things to declutter before the holidays. Today, I'm going talk about the next 5 best things to declutter before the holidays.

Here are the next 5 best things to declutter in your home before the holiday season:

6 – Declutter lotions, candles, and throws Lotions, candles, and throws seem to be the go-to gifts when folks aren’t sure what to give you. These gifts can be fantastic, but start making room for them now! Do you still have lotions from last Christmas? Either commit to using them up or help them find a new home if they are still unopened and unused. If you have lotions or candles that are partially used and don’t like, I give you full permission to throw them away now. This is a good time to look for blankets and throws you don’t use either. There are plenty of shelters (pet shelters included) that are happy to take your excess throws and blankets.

7 – Declutter gift wrap Holiday gift wrap is often stored out of the way. Use this time to assess what you own. After taking inventory, it’s easier to NOT spend money on more stuff, as you know you already have 6 rolls of wrapping paper and 24 recycled gift bags from last year! Look for bags, boxes, ribbons, paper, etc. that are torn, wrinkled, or generally past their useful life. Create a storage system for what’s left, and commit to not going over that container to prevent excess clutter from building up.

8 – Declutter holiday décor and ornaments Holiday décor and ornaments are often used year over year, which is great. However, we all have those few pieces we don’t like but feel obligated to hold on to. If you aren’t using the same holiday décor and ornaments year over year, it’s totally OK to help them find a new home (or throw them away). Yes, some of this stuff is passed down to us. I encourage you to either commit to using it or recognize as long as you hold on to it, it will continue to add to your clutter. I found myself holding on to some holiday décor that I know was passed down to me or given to me by someone special. For the life of me, I didn’t know its story, nor did I use it. At that point, the piece lost its special qualities, and it was OK to let it go.

9 – Declutter your giving list It’s OK to not give presents to every co-worker, neighbor, distant family member, and friend. I want to encourage you to rethink and declutter your gift list this year! I’m often surprised by how relieved friends, acquaintances, and family members can be when I suggest we no longer do a gift exchange. If gift-giving is causing you stress, both in planning and financially, there’s a good chance it is causing the recipient stress too. If gift-giving is your love language, try to simmer down the level in which you give. Maybe look to share a fresh-baked loaf of bread or a used book with a note, rather than a gift you aren’t even sure they will love. Oftentimes, it is the thoughtful, homemade gifts that are more appreciated than the obligatory gifts that really only add to someone else’s clutter.

10 – Declutter your obligations In order to simplify your entire holiday season, try to cut out the excess obligations that are cluttering your calendar. Grant it, 2020 has presented unique challenges where we don’t have many of the same obligations, but even with less travel and fewer events, there’s still a level of stress. However, if you aren’t careful, all the extra special activities can often clutter up your calendar and make you feel unnecessarily stressed out. It’s OK to say “no” to excess obligations and keep the holidays simple. Declutter before the holidays to prepare your home and mind The holidays should be a time for joyous activities, time with family, and celebrating what is important to us.

Here's your assignment for the week. Help yourself keep the holidays simple, and prepare your home by decluttering a few of these quick-hit areas in your home (before the holidays get here) so you can kick back and relax. I do a free 45 minute session with all of my clients and we can take a look at what area may be the best place for you to start decluttering. Are you ready to start decluttering your life? It's time! It will be freeing, I promise! Let's do this! Your Life Coach Robin P.S. You can do hard things! If you missed a Monday Motivation and want to read previous weeks, CLICK HERE.

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