Do you spin in indecision frequently???

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

I totally get it! I used to do this too.

✔ Do I want these buffalo check pillows for the couch or these ivory ones?

✔ Do I want these red shoes or this pair of black shoes?

✔ Do I want to eat that dessert or not?

✔ Do I want to enroll in this class or that class or no class?

✔ Should I plan that dream vacation or am I kidding myself?

✔ Should I go toward that BIG goal or should I continue to play small?

All the "do I's...." or the "should I's...." were getting me NOWHERE!!! Have you noticed that in yourself?

I finally decided to just make a decision! Move forward with confidence! Have my own back! Nothing is permanent!


You can spend all that emotional energy on moving forward! Imagine all the things you could do if you just made a decision?!?

If you have a handful of item to choose from, narrow it down to 2. Give yourself a few minutes. Then pick one and go with it! You can always change your mind later when you know more, but the most important thing to do to combat overwhelm is to constrain and choose!

Overwhelm is a terrible reason to quit or not move forward!

Choose and move forward! You got this!

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