Equity versus Equality....

Equity versus Equality....

Imagine three people are trying to watch a football game over a 6-foot high fence.

We have 3 blocks we can pass out for people to stand on.

The first person is 6'4 tall.

The second person is 5'4 tall.

The third person is 4'9 tall.

Equality would say "Everyone gets one block you stand on. Fair and square!"

EQUITY says, "The 4'9 person gets 2 blocks. The 5'4 person gets 1 block. The 6'4 person doesn't get one because they don't even need it!"

Thank you @jodymoore for sharing this back in June! 🙏🏻

✔️ Stay kind

✔️ Stay curious

✔️ Love without expectations

✔️ Speak kindly

That is all!

I love you!❣️

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