Feel all of the feelings

Feelings..... I wanted to share with you the thought I am currently working on believing. Yes, even Life Coaches need to work on their thoughts.

I am becoming a "Feeling Ninja" and working on sitting in uncomfortable feelings vs jumping to a better feeling.

Some people might see me as a "Super Positive" person all of the time. They wouldn't be wrong... but they might be surprised that I actually still experience life in the 50/50 zone! 50% of the time my world is amazing and 50% of the time, I have human emotions that jump in the driver seat of my brain and try to hijack my intentional thoughts. This is why I have a Life Coach as well! Yep, Life Coaches have Life Coaches! WHAT?!?!? I actually have 2! One for Business and one for... LIFE!

I actually tried to convince my business coach last week that my life is actually 80/20. 🤣 She asked me why I'm so insistent on being "positive" all of the time. I told her it was because I feel better when I'm positive and happy. If you've worked with me long enough and know the model I use to coach with, you know that every single feeling we have comes from our thoughts, not from what is actually happening around us.

Currently, I'm a ninja when it comes to "thought swapping." When I have a thought that creates a less than pleasant feeling, I automatically change my thought to one that creates a better feeling! My coach helped me become more aware that I wasn't very comfortable with "feeling the feelings". Let's just say, she wasn't wrong either.

It's okay for me to be frustrated! It's okay for me to be hurt! It's even okay for me to be angry! I am human too! When I'm feeling these emotions, I'm using a few tools/tips that are helping me and I wanted to share them with you.

  1. Welcome the feeling! Hello frustration! Feelings have never killed me (or you). The actual feeling (the vibration in our body) only last about 90 seconds. After that... it's the thoughts about that feeling that then creates that continued vibration in our bodies. I know.... take a minute to absorb this. The feeling will go away!

  2. Talk to the feeling! Instead of ignoring the uncomfortable feeling, start talking to it.

  • Okay, what are you trying to tell me?

  • Breathe! It's going to be okay. I'm going to be okay!

  • Of course you would respond this way, you are human. Body, let's just do frustration right now!

3. Change the actions while feelings the feelings! I can feel frustrated but not act on it. I don't have to respond in a snarky voice and make facial expressions. I can be frustrated and still be compassionate. I can be curious, choose love and still be frustrated.

Here's your motivation/challenge for the week. I want you to try feeling ALL of the feelings and not jump to a different thought when you get uncomfortable. Be aware of how you would normally respond when you feel... insert the uncomfortable feeling, and then be intentional with how you want to act/behave.

You are meant for more! You are meant for greatness! If you want to look at what your next level looks like, let's get on a free mini session and explore what that could look like for you!

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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. Thank you again for trusting me to be YOUR Life Coach! Let's do this! Have a great week!

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