I'm talking to the perfectionist out there!

Last week I talked about the Bee's. Did you find something helpful? If you haven't had the chance to take the quiz, you can take it HERE. If you want, reply to this email and let me know what type of bug you are!🦗🐝🦋🐞

Today, I'm going to talk about Crickets. 🦗 Same rules apply this week as it did to last week. You might not be a Cricket, but you might know a Cricket or even live with a Cricket! You may even have some Cricket qualities yourself! Understanding the differently ways people organize and view their stuff is actually quite helpful when it comes to understanding yourself!

Crickets tend to be “traditionally” organized and prefer minimal visual clutter in their homes and work spaces. Crickets prefer detailed, micro-organizing systems and are often a bit of perfectionists when it comes to setting up and using these systems. Until these detailed organizing systems are put into place (or until Crickets have time to use them properly), a Cricket will often “pile” their belongings. They are very neat and tidy piles, but piles nonetheless.

Crickets tend to be very logical, practical and like things in a particular order. Once an organizing system is in place, the Cricket will have no problem following it…it’s just a matter of finding the time to setup the right system! 😉 Crickets are often quite organized and maybe even a bit over organized, preferring organizing systems within organizing systems.

The best solution I've found for a Cricket is to let go a little bit. I recommend embracing good enough and "macro-organizing" your piles instead of “micro-organizing” them. Crickets often feel frustrated with other "Clutterbugs" in their family, who are unable to use their detailed systems. "Why won't she put her things away?" is a phrase I often hear from Crickets. Remind yourself that not everyone can use a detailed, hidden system!

Some good organizing suggestions for Crickets!

Use vertical paper file folders. Setup an "action" or "to do" filing system with a desktop hanging file folder system for your kitchen counter or desk. Label each file folder. Use general categories (Financial, Utilities, Insurance, Auto, School etc) to start until you have more time to make a detailed filing system. Make time to create a long and short term filing system, as paper is an issue for you!

Set a timer. Setting up the perfect system can seem daunting, but setting a timer can help. Set a timer for just 15 minutes when organizing to encourage you to move fast and stay focused.

Use containers everywhere. Any type of container will work for you, but you prefer stackable and bento box style containers. Remember though, if other "Clutterbugs" are sharing the space, keep the lids off your containers and clearly label them to ensure everyone can use them easily.

Place open baskets or bins on your desk or kitchen counter to hold you piles until you can get to them. This will be a visual reminder that your stack is getting too big for the basket and it is time to put it away.

Make yourself a to-do reminder. A digital reminder or list on your phone or computer can help you stay motivated to accomplish those nagging little tasks you want to accomplish.

Paper is your nemesis! Invest in a paper shredder and use it….often!!

A labeler is your best friend. Label containers, file folders and just about everything else to ensure that you (and the rest of your family) puts things away properly. Embrace "good enough" organizing. Letting go of perfection can help you get so much more accomplished.

Here's your assignment for the week!

Time block 15 minutes each day this week to declutter a space that has been bothering you. Make a commitment to get one little space decluttered this week. You totally got this!

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P.S. Next week, we will discuss the Ladybug!🐞 (That's me!) Stay tuned!

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