Is it easy for you to find beauty wherever you are?

I decided several years ago that I wanted to choose to "happiness" where I was at all times.

Not only in:

✔️ My comfortable bed at night with my weighted blanket

✔️ At dinner with friends

✔️ In my huge garden tub with dim lights and many candles lit

✔️ On the beach in Maui listening to the waves

✔️ In the forest of Flagstaff listening to the wind in the trees

But also in:

✔️ The Phoenix desert during August (115° on average)

✔️ On the freeway driving to work during rush hour (oxy moron, nobody can rush)

✔️ In my kitchen even with dirty dishes are in the sink

✔️ In my son's bathroom the day before cleaning day

You can decide to choose however you want feel at anytime!

I encourage you to choose emotions that would range "above neutral". Your result will always be "above neutral"! ❣️

Need help with this! I can help you! Click on the link in my bio to schedule your free mini session! Let's do this!


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