Life after "stuff"!

This past week I had the honor of working with two separate clients and helping them declutter and organize. I'm not sure who was more excited about the end result.... them or me!🙋‍♀️

For my client that asked for help with her closet (picture above), she was sorting through 25+ years of memories and items. She had her wedding outfit, shoes she hadn't worn in over 20 years, gifts from her 3 boys back when they were in grade school and even 1/2 finished craft projects that never got finished.

The beautiful thing about this transformation that you can't see in the pictures is the internal transformation that occurred inside of her! (I'm not crying, you're crying!)😭😭😭

She had tried to declutter many times before but just couldn't part with her "stuff" until now. Want to know her secret?!? She worked on herself first! We have been decluttering her old beliefs in herself, the beliefs that served her 20+ years ago and have been replacing them with her new beliefs and looking to her bright future! She is ready for a new and fresh start and that is what made decluttering her closet so much easier!

The cool news is.... she continued to declutter in her bedroom all weekend all by herself! She learned the steps and the questions to ask herself and went to work! WHAT!?! So proud of her!💥🎉😍

The road to decluttering doesn't usually start with a thought like, "Okay, I'm ready... Let's do this!" It's like an onion.... many layers deep. Yes, you do get to that thought, but what got you to that point? Something usually happens and you start asking yourself questions about how you got to this point in your life. Questions like:

  • Why am I holding onto this stuff now?

  • Does this bring me joy/fulfilment right now?

  • What does holding onto this item do/mean for me?

There are situations that might also tip you into a desire to declutter like:

  • A child graduating from school and going to college.

  • Becoming an empty nester.

  • Marriage/divorce.

  • Down sizing.

  • Any new phase in life.

  • Wanting a fresh start!

Whatever the situation is, I am here for you. I love the internal transformation that occurs during the physical transformation of your home/space. I'm in for all of it.

You'll want to stick around and check out my Instagram to see the picture of the other transformation I did on Saturday. 4 separate spaces transformed!!!

Here's your assignment for the week!

I want you to picture and then write down what could be different if you had less "stuff". This could be less stuff in your house and/or less stuff in my mind. How could things be improved?

  1. Being able to find things/items you do own easier?

  2. Fewer choices to make about what to wear since you would only own the items you love and that actually fit you right now?

  3. More energy to try new things out?

  4. More excitement to live an even more adventurous life?

The possibilities are endless! Are you in??? Respond back to me about what would be different for you. Do you feel like you might need to do some internal work before a physical declutter? I do a free 45 minute session with all of my clients and we can take a look at what would work best for you. Are you ready to start decluttering your life? It's time! It will be freeing, I promise! Let's do this! Your Life Coach Robin P.S. You can do hard things! If you missed a Monday Motivation and want to read previous weeks, CLICK HERE.