Monday Motivation 3/8/21 Less is More! Bye Felicia...

Some people visit my past more than I do.

I don't live there anymore baby...

I sold the whole building!

In May of last year, I started to sell everything!!! When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING! The furniture, the Pampered Chef "stuff", the decorations, the lights, the shoes, the clothes.... I also started throwing away garbage I had held on to for so long that I didn't even recognize that it was garbage! I thought it was just who I was! I started throwing away:

  • Self-doubt

  • Self-pity

  • Negative thinking

  • Anger

  • Worry

  • People pleasing

  • Running on empty

  • Believing I had to do it all

  • Apathy

I was lightening up in so many ways and it felt A-freaking-Mazing! I am here to help you lighten up and start fresh! You Ready?!?

I want you to ask yourself why you are holding on to what you do. It could be physical items or it could be non-physical items. I want you to pick one item.... any item, and evaluate your need/want to keep that item. Ask yourself these 5 questions:

#1 - What does this item mean to me?

#2 - Has this item served its purpose and time for me?

#3 - Am I ready to part with this item?

#4 - What have I learned/experienced from having this item?

#5 - Can I bless someone else with this item? (If it's garbage, please just put it in the trash! )

What I have learned over the last 8 months of living tiny is that I feel lighter with less stuff. If you are ready to "lighten up" in your life as well, I encourage you to start looking at what is "heavy" and no longer needed. If you are ready to go to the next level, I promise you that you will want your pack to be as light as possible.

Less stuff to clog your mind, less garbage in your thoughts, just less stuff!

Here is your assignment for the week: What are you ready to let go of? Reply to this email and let me know what you are ready to do without. I don't care if it's 130 pairs of shoes... (Been there... done that) or if it's time to clear out the self doubt. I'm here to be your coach as you clear out the unnecessary stuff in your life that is holding you stuck!

It's time to try something different! It will be fun, I promise!

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