Our primitive brain wants 3️⃣ main things! (Motivational Triad)

1️⃣ - Seek Pleasure

2️⃣ - Avoid Pain

3️⃣ - Conserve Energy

Your brain's job is literally to keep you alive and protect you at all cost!

If there is a new opportunity that is going to stretch you, your brain will automatically tell you:

✔️ You might not succeed and that would be painful or embarrassing! Don't do it!

✔️ There's nothing wrong with what your doing now! It's fine! Relax!

✔️ You're making ends meet so why apply for that promotion? Chill out!

✔️ That's going to take a lot of energy... Let's just stay here on the couch!

The list goes on an on! If you want more than what you have now or do more than you are doing now then you are going to have to get uncomfortable! That's right!

What if you:

* Seek Growth vs Pleasure

* Embrace discomfort vs Avoid pain

* Pursue massive action vs Conserve energy

If you want different results, you are going to have to do something different. The first step is just to be aware of your initial thoughts that your primitive brain offers you! No judgement! Just notice!

Then ask yourself, is this how I want to respond and think?

I can help you do this! This is where I start with my clients. Awareness! DM me now to set up your free mini session! Let's do this!




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