Sharp objects.... They can be VERY dangerous!

Would you ever let a toddler run around the house with a knife is their hand? I hope you answered NOOOOOO!

When we aren't aware of AND don't pay attention to our thoughts it's just like letting a toddler run around the house with a knife! (This is your primitive brain) It's dangerous and can cause you pain and suffering!

When something happens in our lives, our brain will offer us VERY QUICK thoughts and judgements about it. We don't even have to do try! Check this out:

✔️ #1 - Our significant other walks into the front room to watch TV after dinner without helping clean up and do the dishes. We might think...."You are so lazy... You do this every night! You don't even care about me!"

✔️ #2 - A friend says "My kids are so unthoughtful... They never call. I'm the one that always has to reach out to them. " We might think/say... " You're right... That's horrible! "

✔️ #3 - Someone cuts us off in traffic and we think, "Idiot... Learn how to drive!"

Instant thoughts! That's the toddler running around with a knife! No awareness. Instant thoughts that are usually pretty judgmental and not helpful! What if we paused after our brain provided us these thoughts and chose a more useful thought like...

✔️ #1 - "I wonder if they even know how much this bothers me that they don't help clean up after dinner? I should just ask for help and not assume they are doing this on purpose."

✔️ #2 - "I'm curious... Have you talked to your kids about how much it would mean to you if they reached out more frequently?"

✔️ #3 - "They must be in a hurry. They probably didn't even see me! I've done that before!" 😬🙋🏻‍♀️

These are examples of taking the knife out of your toddlers hand, using your pre-frontal cortex, your adult, mature brain, and saying, "I'm going to choose to think different thoughts that don't make me feel so frustrated and hurt!

You can always let your primitive brain, toddler with a knife, run your life OR you can take the knife away and say, "I'm starting to choose differently." Always your choice! ❣️

Need help with this concept? Great news! I can help you! DM me so we can get you on the books! Let's do this!

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