Has someone said something to you AND it's true and then you spin about it for days and days? Why?

✔️ Did it hit a vulnerable spot?

✔️ Did it bug you they would even say that thing to you?

✔️ Did you think about a "good come back" after the fact?

✔️ Did it "hurt" your feelings?

What if I told you that many people are going to offer you THEIR thoughts/beliefs and opinions (rocks). It doesn't mean you need to carry those around!

Think about it this way. You carry around a back pack as you walk down the road of life. People will offer you rocks on your journey. You can choose to accept the rocks and put them in your back pack or you can say "No thank you" and keep walking down the road. Each rock you accept can weigh you down if you choose.

I have good news for you! As you travel your path, you can also open your back pack and take out rocks you've been carrying with you that no longer serve you!

You can lighten your load anytime you want!

Just because someone says something to you, doesn't mean you need to keep thinking about it and carry it around!

Need help with this? I can help you! Click the link in my bio to schedule your free session! Let's do this!

Image credit: @jodymoorecoaching

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