What Direction Are You Currently Facing?

What would one baby step do

to get you closer to your goal?

I listened to a podcast this past week called "How To Spiral Up" by Brooke Snow, a fellow Life Coach. We were trained by the same Master Coach. I enjoy listening to different coaches and learning from their experiences and perspective. When she stated that "A spiral staircase goes two directions.... one direction goes down and the other direction is up! It doesn't matter what step you are standing on, it only matters what direction you are facing!" WHAT?!?!? Mind blown! This is so true!

It is so easy to let our human brain get the best of us sometimes. If you have spent any time listening to me or reading my post on social media, you know my belief that our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings drive our actions.

When we have thoughts that create a "less than neutral" feeling, we usually spiral down. We usually do one or more of the following:

  • Having negative self-talk

  • Spin in indecision

  • Don't move towards our goals

  • Stay stuck

  • Sabotage our own progress

  • Feel like a victim

However, when we have thoughts that create an "above neutral" feeling, we usually spiral up! This usually leads to things like:

  • Looking for answers to our questions

  • Making decisions and moving forward

  • Baby step our way to our goals

  • Believe in yourself

  • Accomplish the things you want to

  • Positive self-talk

Which direction are your facing right now?

Here is your assignment for the week: When your brain offers you a less than helpful thought about a situation, pause and be intentional with what you think and how you want to feel. Take a look at what direction you are facing on the spiral staircase! You ALWAYS get to choose!

It's time to try something different! It will be fun, I promise!

Let's do this! Your Life Coach Robin P.S. Spring is in the air! Are you ready to start spring cleaning? You can do some spring cleaning of your mind as well! Let's schedule some time to deep clean your brain and get you ready for an amazing summer!

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