What does "You Do You" really mean?

I choose to think that it means focusing on creating my best life and not letting others thoughts or opinions get in my way!

As a recovering people pleaser, I used to OBSESS about what people thought of me! I had thoughts like:

✔️ What if they don't like me?

✔️ What if they think I'm doing to wrong?

✔️ What are they saying about me?

✔️ Why can't they see the real and genuine me?

✔️ Yes, I can really be this happy! It's not fake you big bully! (Not my proudest moment)

✔️ Why do people have to be so unkind to each other?

✔️ How can I make this better/more comfortable for everyone else?

Whew..... So much wasted energy! When I started "Doing me" I put all that energy into creating an amazing life that could inspire others that were looking for a different way!

Fast forward to now, I love "Doing Me" AND still loving everyone around me! It's possible to do both from a clean space!

Not sure where to start? Great news! I can help you! Click the link in my bio and let's meet for your free mini session! Let's do this!





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