What is your happiness level???

Happiness is the main motivator for EVERYTHING we do!

✔️ Increased bank balance.... Increased happiness!

✔️ More organized/cleaner house.... More happiness!

✔️ Lose those last 10 lbs.... So much more happiness!

✔️ Improved relationship with our kids/spouse/coworkers.... More happiness!

What if I were to tell you that you could be just as happy as you wanted to be? Even without losing the weight, having more money, having a cleaner house and with the exact same relationships you have right now???


We can believe ANYTHING we want to believe! Let's look at the bank balance as an example:

Situation: I have $300 in my bank account.

I think "Holy crap.... I'm going to run out of money. I shouldn't have gone out to eat with my friends. I should be more responsible!"

When I think that specific thought I probably feel guilty!

If you were to ask my 25 year old daughter what she thought about having $300 in her bank account, she would probably say, "Sweet! I can go get another tattoo AND a new pair of shoes!" and feel really excited about that dollar amount!

Same situation! $300 in the bank account! Two totally different thoughts and feelings about that number!

The work for you to do is:

1st - Be aware of the thoughts our brain automatically offer you.

2nd - Work on believing more useful thoughts if the automatic thoughts aren't helpful to you!

Need help with this? Great news! I can help you! DM me for your free mini session! You can also click this link to get in on my Monday Motivation email list! HERE

Let's do this!




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