What is your mantra?

I am a bada$$ and I figure sh*t out!

Do you have a mantra about yourself? The one above is mine. (Sorry for the cuss words) After the last two days of traveling, I feel like I should use all caps when I say it! LOL 😂😂😂

For those of you who don't know, I live in an RV full time. I've been living the full time RV life for almost 7 months now. The last two days, I've been traveling from Arizona and making my way to Idaho. I've only traveled about 400 miles and yet it feels like 4000! It's been an adventure to say the least.

As I sit here on Sunday evening writing this, I have been thinking about what you might be saying about yourself to yourself! Do you tell yourself how proud you are of yourself? Do you recognize yourself when you make it through the day? Do you look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself love for everything your body did for you that day?

I know my relationship with myself has been improving over the last year and it didn't happen on accident! I had to intentionally make an effort to recognize myself at all at the beginning! My goal was just to say 1 positive thing about myself to myself each day. It started out sounding like this:

  • Good job for getting out of bed today!

  • Look at you for brushing your teeth tonight!

  • Hey... you didn't yell at your daughter today! Nice work!

  • Yep, I just made my bed!

It started out with little things. Sometimes it took me awhile to find something positive to even say because I hadn't done it before.

But then... after doing this everyday for a month or so, I started having fun with it. (I love fun!) My daily recognitions started sounding like this:

  • Look who wasn't late to 2 meetings today? That's right... ME! Getting better everyday!

  • Who walked to the mailbox instead of driving there?? This girl.. because I am shaking things up! Woot woot!

  • I listened to 2 podcast today and feel really excited to put into action1 new thing! Yea me!

When my brain wants to offer me thoughts like - "You messed up" or "You should have done it different/better", or my favorite.... "You are a hot mess"! I stop in my tracks and tell myself.... "Seriously girl??? You are a Rockstar! You got this!"

Any guess what!?!? You got this too!

Here's your assignment for the week!

Each day, I want you to find one positive thing about yourself and say it out loud to yourself! I know, I know.... It sounds silly. You only have to try it for a week and if you hate it, you can stop it. However.... if you love it, you can just keep going!

As I was on the side of the highway today ready to cry, in a gulch and traffic cruising by me at 65 mph, nobody stopping because there was no room for anybody else to pull over, with two safety clips missing on my car trailer and no help for miles and miles... my brain first offered me, "See, who do you think you are traveling by yourself? This is what happens when you think you are a badda$$!"

And then I stopped!!!!!! I then literally started talking to myself out loud. This is what I said. "Girl... you have figured things out before and you are going to figure this one out too! Now let's open up your tool box and use your MacGyver skills. You don't need someone to pull over! You totally got this!"

Good news, I totally figured it out. I drove the next 10 miles to St. George, pulled into Walmart, bought 2 locks and solved the problem! ALL BY MYSELF! You know why? Because, I'm a badass and I figure shit out all day long!!! Because a year ago, I started telling myself, "You got out of bed today."

What is your mantra? Reply to this email and let me know!

I do a free 45 minute session with all of my clients. Let's talk about how you can start believing in yourself!

It's time! It will be fun, I promise!

Let's do this! Your Life Coach Robin P.S. You can find the pictures of my handy work on my personal Facebook page HERE.

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