What is your outcome going to look like?

If you really believe that your thoughts create your feelings and your feelings create your actions... then you would believe that you could create anything your wanted!

If we manage our minds, anything we want is waiting for us! Everything starts with the brain and our thoughts. Our brain is going to continue to think whether we manage it or not! Those thoughts are going to create emotional states that will drive action at work, home, and at play!

First, you create a goal your want to achieve. Second, you align your thinking and third you take massive action to create evidence to prove it! Our brain is constantly looking for evidence. Ask yourself:

  • What do you want and why?

  • How do you feel when you imagine this goal or outcome?

  • Do you really believe you can achieve this goal?

Remember, our brain is like an unsupervised child! It will go on thinking thoughts that may not be very helpful and may even be hurting us and sometimes causing us to go in a different direction. We need to keep focused on our goals and what we want to achieve. We need to be deliberate and tell our brains what we want by providing structure and supervision.

Here's my example. I have a goal of being healthy and active. I have a "number" on the scale I want to see and a "size" of clothes I want to wear. When I let my brain run around like an unsupervised child, I eat lots and lots of sugar. My brain literally throughs a temper tantrum and screams..."But it taste so good.... I want it!"

When I am tired and haven't been focused on drinking my water, getting enough sleep and being deliberate in my thinking, I give in and just say, "Screw it.... I deserve it!"

We've all seen the tired, overwhelmed mother in the grocery store say to a screaming child, "fine.... put it in the cart!" That is us when we aren't playing at our full potential and just giving in because it's easier to say, "fine... just eat it!"

It's time to wake up and make decisions from a mindset that is focused and knows what we want!

You can have ANYTHING you put your mind to!

Here's your assignment for the week!

I want you to write one goal you want to accomplish in the next month. I want you to be VERY specific! Then I want you to list ALL the things you will need to do, who you will need to become and what you will do when you come up against obstacles.

I promise you, obstacles will come your way! When you come across one, what are you going to do? Plan ahead so when it appears, and it will, you will be able to make a focused decision.

My goal: I am going to loose 10 lbs this month.

How am I going to do this:

  • I am going to cut out sugar.

  • I am going to drink 100 oz of water each day.

  • When something I love to eat comes my way, I am going to say no because I already have decided that I am a healthy and active person that fuels my body with healthy choices.

  • I am going to log my food into My Fitness Pal. (This always helps me when I am focused and being accountable.)

  • My end result is less inflammation, better sleep and overall feeling better!

  • I will feel better, look better and know it's a done deal!

  • I will be successful because I am a badass and I figure sh*t out!

I do a free 45 minute session with all of my clients. Are you ready to start thinking differently and moving forward?

It's time! It will be freeing, I promise!

Let's do this! Your Life Coach Robin P.S. You can do hard things! If you missed a Monday Motivation and want to read previous weeks, CLICK HERE.

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