When I Believe Someone "Should" Do Something, I'll Always Be Disappointed

Have you ever wanted someone to behave a certain way or say a certain thing and end up feeling disappointed when it didn't happen? It took me awhile but I finally figured out that when I think anyone "SHOULD" do anything that I want, I'll always be disappointed. I can't control what anyone says or does just like nobody can control me and what I say or do. In coaching, this is called a manual. (It's like an instruction manual on how something should work.) We probably have several different manuals! Here are a few of the titles of manuals I was collecting: ✔️ How your kids should behave and respect you. ✔️ How your ex-husband should behave. ✔️ How you boss should appreciate you more. ✔️ How often you should hear from your family. ✔️ How people need to grow up and get over it. ✔️ How people should drive on the freeway. You get the point.... What if we just let people be themselves? What if we just loved them even if they didn't follow our manuals? What if we didn't have expectations of others and whatever they did was just a bonus? What could that open up for you? I know the feeling of disappointment didn't show near as often! In fact, when I stopped "shoulding" people, I started feeling pleasantly surprised! I started feeling more empathy for others. I started feeling more understanding! What could you start to feel if you dropped one of your manuals for something or somebody? Give it try! Let me know what you discover! Can't wait to hear!

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