Why you should organize and declutter!

I talk a lot about how to organize. Organize specific areas of your home. Declutter things. Dealing with mental clutter. But what I don’t often talk about is why organizing is so important.

Now you could be asking yourself why does this even matter? Or doesn’t everyone know why being organized benefits you?

But I have learned that not everyone realizes how much order impacts you and your every day life. So I am sharing what the benefits are to organizing your home.✨😍

The Most Obvious Benefit: I think it is safe to say that the most obvious benefit of organizing is to find the things you need when you need them and you can do that when things are totally organized. Which means that organizing benefits you because you aren’t hunting and searching for all the things! You can find what you need when you need. You don’t have to think about putting something away. Things all have a spot to go in your home.

You end up not collecting all the things because you already know what you have. Which means... you actually save money when you are organized because you aren’t buying something you already have!!! How many of you have 3 bottles of ketchup because you couldn't remember if you had some in the pantry or not???

Since we all knew those, what are some of the not-so-obvious benefits?

The Not-So-Obvious Benefits: But there are a lot of not-so-obvious benefits about organizing. Did you know that sleeping in a disorganized space actually can cause you to have not as restful sleep as you would if the space was tidy?!?! And if you know me, you know I love my sleep! 😂😂 A messy bedroom can lead to poor nights’ sleep and increased anxiety, which was discovered by a study from St. Lawrence University.

Also, getting organized can help you reduce stress! When you declutter your living spaces, you can decrease housework by 40% according to a statistic found here.

Being organized helps you with productivity! Because when you are organized, you can actually do the things you want to do. Instead of chores you have to do. Who's in love with this reason?!?! ❤🙋‍♀️❤

And organizing can help you to have a better diet. Because your home is organized, your stress levels are down. You are able to meal plan and cook in a tidy space. Since you can find everything you need, you are more likely to cook again. And when you cook meals at home, you are more likely to stick to a healthy meal plan.

See…I told you there were a lot of benefits you may not be aware of when it comes to why organizing can be beneficial.

How Organizing Benefits Everyone: Not everyone loves organizing. I get that. And not everyone has the same idea of what organized looks like in their homes. But if you see an area in your life that you just can’t get a handle on, try organizing something in your home. See if that clears space for you to tackle whatever it is you need to do.

For me, I have found that when I am stressed, I need to organize first. Before I can do anything else. It is my coping strategy.

First I declutter and organize. Then I can do all the things!!!

Organizing keeps me focused. It helps me reduce my stress levels. So I can be a better parent. A better friend. And a better human being.

Here's your assignment for the week. Now it is your turn to get organized! What space are you going to start with? What benefit will you notice first?

I do a free 45 minute session with all of my clients and we can take a look at what area may be the best place for you to start decluttering. Are you ready to start decluttering your life? It's time! It will be freeing, I promise! Let's do this! Your Life Coach Robin

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